Installation of a walkway in the Gorge aux Pigeons, by helicopter
2 November 2017
Underwater work to support port construction – Tanger Med I & II
2 November 2017

Insulation of the bottom outlet and water intake – Punt Dal Gall dam

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Activity: Dams
  • Insulation of the bottom outlet, water intake and restoration of the Punt Dal Gall dam

To carry out renovation work in the bottom outlet tunnel, Hydrokarst was entrusted with:

– Pumping and dredging work at great depth: -110 m, 2500 m3 of sediment
– Hydromechanical work: design and installation of two packers – 15 and 14 tonnes
– Underwater work on civil engineering structures a 110 m depth – Scouring / Anchors / Core drilling
– Inspection of the bottom outlet tunnel.