Underwater wreck cutting and salvage – Annaba
2 November 2017
Refurbishment of the underground sanitation network in Cap Sicié
2 November 2017

Refurbishment of bottom outlet gates on Bin El Ouidane dam

  • Country: Morocco
  • Activity: Dams
  • Refurbishment work on silted-up bottom outlet gates on Bin El Ouidane dam

2000 The Bin El Ouidane dam site is 300 km south east of Casablanca. It had encountered a major issue with two bottom outlet gate being silted up. One was practically inoperative, while the other remained blocked in the open position.

Prior inspection enabled us to locate the silting at over 15 m above the foot of the valve trash racks.

Despite the success of an initial sediment loosening and suction operation, the silt pumping system had to be operated continuously for the six months of work and until the final flushing of fluid silt and various household waste which accumulated in front of the trash racks on a daily basis.

After the bottom outlet gates were unblocked and operating tests carried out, they were refitted in the closed position and the evacuation tunnels were scoured with high pressure water spray.