Refurbishment of bottom outlet gates on Bin El Ouidane dam
2 November 2017
Safety work and creation of a backup route for the Chambon Tunnel
2 November 2017

Refurbishment of the underground sanitation network in Cap Sicié

  • Country: France
  • Activity: Conduits and tunnels
  • Refurbishment work on the underground sanitation network in Cap Sicié

The full refurbishment of the Cap Sicié sanitation network, started in 2010, needed several phases: prior inspection and survey, removal of blockages, de-silting, dimensioning studies then installation of GRP shells. Throughout the project, the skills of the Hydrokarst teams were essential as we had to manage access over long distances, ensure good communications links in confined spaces, continuously monitor flood risks and protect technicians from toxic gases and other potential contaminations.