Underwater reconnaissance and expert survey of Marèges dam structures
2 November 2017
Installation of a walkway in the Gorge aux Pigeons, by helicopter
2 November 2017

Underwater renovation of bottom outlet gate on Miodet dam

  • Country: France
  • Activity: Dams
  • Underwater renovation of fixed parts on the bottom outlet gate of Miodet dam

The full renovation of a bottom outlet gate involves two major steps: the renovation of fixed parts and the renovation of moving parts. In general, the moving parts are renovated when dry: the components are taken to the surface and transported to our workshops. To renovate fixed parts, such as lips, front plates or side guides, it is also common to do this in dry conditions, either by lowering the level of the reservoir or by installing a stoplog upstream.

The particular nature of this project is that the bottom outlet gate was renovated while still underwater by a team of divers, in order to minimise production losses and limit the environmental impact.